About Gilca Ltd

Gilca Ltd supplies innovative foam and rubber based products to meet all customer specifications

From design and development to conversion and packaging, Gilca Ltd has the capability to meet the most demanding standards.

Commitment to Excellence

Formed in 1987 Gilca is proud of it’s more than 30 years commitment to excellence, its byword and dedication to continuous improvement.

For the past 33 years Gilca has provided innovative solutions in materials and design to find solutions for customers across the globe.

Gilca has developed a dedicated team with outstanding leadership qualities emphasising ethical and scientifically sustainable products.

Our customers are our partners with many partnerships exceeding 20 years.

We sincerely believe Gilca has a product for you and together we can fulfil our mission of environmental sustainability and continuum product research and development.

All of our products conform to British and ASTM Standards. Full material specifications can be found on individual product pages.

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