AleXon Polyurethane Foam

A unique CFC free product innovation.

AleXon polyurethanes (P.U.) are a unique and proprietary range of high density cellular foams.

AleXon offers versatility thanks to co-development of specialist polymers used to formulate unique characteristics for today's markets.

AleXon P.U was roiginally developed by Gilca as an alternative / addition for the high volume cosmetic sponge applicator market. Success in this market for OEM and retail items has led to continued development into high volume markets for high density sanding blocks, medical applications, orthopaedic market and other FMCG markets.

AleXon P.U has a unique polymer integrity allowing for incredible flexibility and adaptability to suit many applications. Ranging from a super soft and luxurious feel to a hard and abrasive texture AleXon P.U can be formulated to suit most applications in its markets.

As a sole primary manufacturer of AleXon P.U, Gilca has the ability to offer flexibility and choise in a range of blocks, sheets, finished cut/moulded parts in a range of colours (subject to MOQ's) and sizes.

Key Advantages

  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Solvent resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Low compensation sat
  • Stock materials accoustic
  • Good insulation properties
  • Good thermal capability

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For more information on our Synthetic Polyurethane Foam product Download our Technical Data Sheets:

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