Cellulose Wet and Dry Compressed

Natural cellulose sponge is another unique product by Gilca.

Natural cellulose sponges are used where high absorption is required. They are still the best choice for use as domestic washing/cleaning sponges.

Natural cellulose sponges can be found in most cosmetic Estheticians and beauty salons/spas as the no.1 choice face cleansing product. It can be supplied in its normal (expanded cells) form or it can be compressed to approximately 10-15% of original thickness to save shelf space.

Natural cellulose is also used extensively in the automotive and decorator markets due to its high water absorption. Typically natural cellulose can hold up to 15 times of its original weight in liquids with virtually no swelling of its original size. Natural cellulose is 'green' and naturally degradable. It is available in a range of colours and thicknesses subject to MOQ's.

Key Advantages:

  • water absorption - holds 15x original weight
  • naturally degradable
  • can be compressed to save space
  • durable
  • resistant to most liquids and chemicals

We can supply Cellulose Sponges in "wet" or "Dry", Dry form can also be called "Compressed Cellulose". in this compressed state the sponge has had all moisture has been removed so a 25 mm thick sponge becomes around 5 mm thick but once wetted the item return to its original thickness

The Compressed Cellulose can be printed directly on to. Logo or Text is applied to the large face of the sponge Single or double sided, which can be used a simple marketing or promotion items see gallery for examples.

For further information call one of our friendly technical advisers on 0121 543 4440 or fill in our simple enquiry form

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For more information on our Cellulose Wet and Compressed product Download our Technical Data Sheet:

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