Cellulose Sponges: Why Choose Gilca?

Gilca | 19th April 2022

Wet Cellulose Sponges

Specialising in the production of foam and rubber-based products, for more than 30 years Gilca have been offering new ways of approaching these materials. Our cellulose sponges directly address the escalating environmental problem we face as a society; made from naturally occurring materials, Gilca’s cellulose sponges offer an environmentally friendly way forward for the production of man-made sponges.

What Are Cellulose Sponges?

This question can be answered through the raising of another question: what is cellulose? As the name suggests, cellulose sponge is a sponge made from cellulose – which is a material naturally produced in plant cell walls, making it a sustainably sourced material. Gilca acquires our cellulose through flax, wood pulp, and cotton, which is then made into a sponge.

A cellulose sponge is incredibly versatile, and Gilca produces our sponge as compressed (or dehydrated) and wet (or expanded). Both forms of sponge contain deep air pockets, made by dissolving salt crystals, which draw up and contain liquid – holding up to 15 times their original weight!

Cellulose sponges can be used in industrial, commercial, and residential applications – being used as a biodegradable sponge for everything from cleaning cloths to bail out sponges on life rafts.

Benefits of Using Gilca’s Cellulose Sponges

The expert team at Gilca work closely with clients to ensure the products they receive are as advantageous as possible. As industry leaders, the benefits offered by Gilca’s products range from our refined manufacturing processes and ingredients to the optimised quality and longevity of our goods.

Manufactured from Renewable Materials

Gilca’s cellulose sponge is made from renewable and sustainable natural materials. The high quality of the materials we use when manufacturing our sponges ensures customers can reap the benefits of a well-produced, premium product.

Easy to Store and Transport

Cellulose sponge is a naturally lightweight material, and can be dehydrated for additional ease of transportation and storage. This is especially useful for mass volume orders within the commercial and industrial sector, saving time and costs on production and ordering, transportation, and storage of compressed cellulose.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of cellulose sponges is that they are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic sponges. Made from natural ingredients, they are biodegradable – meaning they can naturally decompose, without releasing harmful toxins or substances. The inherent nature of sponges means they have a limited lifespan, and will inevitably need replacing; the environmental impact of this can be greatly lessened through using a biodegradable material, rather than a plastic which will sit in a landfill. Biodegradable material can be easily disposed of – and can even be used as compost in your garden.

Highly Durable

Cellulose sponges are highly durable, meaning they can be used for a number of applications. Whilst sponges are great for absorbing liquids, along with this, they also soak up bacteria. This means it is necessary to clean a sponge throughout its lifecycle to ensure it remains hygienic to use; a cellulose cleansing sponge can withstand cleaning methods such as heating in a microwave, or being passed through a dishwasher or washing machine.

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