Gilca has been producing a diverse range of cosmetics sponge applicators for over 20 years.

From "OEM's” such as Procter and Gamble to large UK and US retailers Gilca has provided the market solution to the most demanding of customers.

The new and innovation AleXon sponge range offers excellent value across the cosmetic sector. AleXon high density (HD) is a unique material that is a true alternative to NBR sponges.

AleXon (HD) is the only alternative in over 30 years that works and ticks all the boxes. AleXon is also produced in low density but offers the same consumer benefits at a very economical price. AleXon is now used in the supply of most of the fixed-price stores in UK as well as many major wholesalers.

Contact our sales staff for full details on this new generation of innovation's cosmetic sponges applicators.

For full details and enquiries please contact our sales team by email at or call us on 0121 543 4440.

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Gilca also produces synthetic latex Sponge (SBR), a tried and tested product and a favourite of many in the marketplace.


The appearance and the tactile feel of the Gilca SBR are unique and made in the UK by Gilca.The unique "green” method of production makes our SBR a great choice when economy and disposability are the key drives.

Gilca also has fixed extensive business in the supply of cellulose sponges. These natural products are favoured by estheticians around the world and a distribution agreement for the supply of Cosmetic Cellulose gives Gilca a key advantage in the market. A range of colours and thicknesses are available. There are industry Standard sizes and shapes available. New shapes and sizes can be produced from new tools and minimal cost, subject to agreed minimum quantities with the customer.

Gilca offers flocked foam sponges as an alternative to much normal expensive cotton velour. Though we still provide the latter when specified Gilca has had great success with flocked foam in recent years.

Finally Gilca has developed an exciting new range of Mitts using its unique AleXon formulations. Initially Gilca has launched its self tanning meet with great success. It offers quality and durability for a very economic price. We believe it's the most economic or self tanning Mitt in the market with an integrated membrane to block liquid penetration. Thus hands are kept dry. The mitt is available single or double sided in a range of colours subject to minimum order quantities.

NEW IN FOR 2014 we have add to our current range of EXFOLIATING item to include infused sponge with Walnut or She Butter and Almond bath sponges with or without a rope. A new range of mitts for cleaning and exfoliation are due to be launched soon.

For full details and enquiries please contact our sales team by email at or phone us on 0121 543 4440.

Alternatively, please complete our simple enquiry form.

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