Polyurethane Foam

What Is Polyurethane Foam?

We are able to supply polyurethane foams with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties

With different densities and levels of hardness chosen to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Polyurethane foams are polymers created by reacting a substance known as a polylol with one known as an isocyanate. Once the foams have been produced in the form of large blocks or an on-going extrusion, they can be cut into sheets or a specific requested shape.

Once created polyurethane foams are lightweight and extremely versatile, capable of being processed and moulded into a wide range of shapes to suit a huge selection of applications. They play a big part in the furniture, bedding and automotive industries, combining firmness and durability with flexibility.

Advantages Of Using AleXon Polyurethanes

They provide durability, flexibility, excellent thermal capability, superb insulating properties and resistance to solvents and oils.

We can produce AleXon polyurethanes in the following formats, working to deliver exactly what each individual client requires:

  • Castellations
  • Trays
  • Inserts
  • Sheets
  • Pads
  • Shapes
  • Acoustic Applications
  • Case Forms


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    AleXon Polyurethane Foam

    AleXon polyurethanes are innovative foams which are uniquely made without containing CFCs.

    When combined with specialist polymers, AleXon polyurethanes offer a highly versatile range of characteristics.

    They were originally developed to take its place in the market for cosmetic sponge application, but since then they have gone on to be utilised in high volume markets and as products such as medical applications, high density sanding blocks and items in the orthopaedic market.

    The unique polymer integrity offered by AleXon polyurethanes makes them extremely versatile, offering solutions which run from being very soft and luxurious to being abrasive and hard. We bolster this structural versatility with the fact that we can produce AleXon polyurethanes in sheets, blocks and cut and moulded parts in a range of sizes and colours.