PVC Foam

We fabricate our cellulose sponges using materials such as flax, wood pulp and cotton.

The distinctive holes – also known as ‘pores’ – in the cellulose sponges are created by the use of dissolved salt crystals.

Cellulose Sponge

One of the most notable features of cellulose sponge is the ability to absorb and retain water. The average cellulose sponge is able to do this until it has taken on ten times its own dry weight in water. This is referred to as being ‘hydrophilic’, and sets it apart from other types of polyurethane (PU) foam sponge.

Another key aspect which sets it apart from PU foam sponge is the fact that it is fabricated using natural materials which are renewable and in ready supply. With the right treatment and care, a cellulose sponge will last indefinitely and can be used as often as is required. Once the time comes to dispose of a cellulose sponge, the fact that it is fully bio-degradable is just one more aspect which makes this the eco-friendly sponge of choice.

We offer a range of cellulose sponge, including moist sponge which is also referred to as ‘expanded’, compressed sponge and sponge cloth available in either dry or moist forms.

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