Solid Rubber

What Is Solid Rubber?

Gilca carries a great variety of solid rubber in a range of thicknesses and widths in both sheet and roll form. Solid rubber refers to rubber material which does not hold air within its composition and therefore does not have the same cushioning property as sponge rubber. The properties of solid rubber depend on the type of rubber material; this can include Neoprene, Actrite, and EPDM – all of which can be supplied by Gilca, and much of which we keep readily in stock for timely delivery to our clients.

The applications of solid rubber are wide ranging; from providing vital equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to applications within manufacturing, the varied properties of solid rubber mean it is advantageous to many industries.

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    Solid Rubber Materials

    Solid rubber is available in many materials; of these, Gilca can provide Neoprene, Actrite, and EPDM as coils, pads, or cut parts.

    We can further apply adhesive backing upon request to all solid rubber materials, as well as fabric backing for open cell rubber. Open cell rubber with fabric backing is commonly used for sublimation printing or mouse mats. Commercial matting is further available with fine or broad ribbing.

    Many of our solid rubber materials meet specifications set by the National Water Council (NWC), for applications surrounding transporting water, and ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Materials, who provide international standards for a plethora of industries. Our clients can be sure they are receiving a high quality and safe product they can rely on.

    Advantages Of Solid Rubber


    Ethylene propylene diene monomer, otherwise known as EPDM, is a common synthetic rubber. It has excellent durability, being weathertight and resistant to oils, with a high thermal resistance - making it suitable for outdoor applications.


    As one of the original synthetic rubbers, polychloroprene, or neoprene, continues to perform today. Being a non-toxic rubber, neoprene is both strong and durable, with great corrosion resistance to oil, water, and certain chemicals. Neoprene is a general-purpose rubber, used from wetsuits to electrical insulation, thanks to its insulating properties.

    Types Of Solid Rubber

    Gilca provides solid rubber in numerous forms; with our in-house cutting facilities we can expertly meet bespoke specifications and requirements, to suit a range of applications; get in touch to find out how we can minister to you.

    Solid Rubber Sheets

    Rubber sheeting is a versatile material, which is further approved for food use. Gilca can provide high specification materials such as Viton, and use tailored compounds to custom mould sheets measuring 450mm², to meet all customer requirements.

    Solid Rubber Strips

    Our solid rubber strips can be cut to specific lengths and widths. Gilca moreover supplies both white and black rubber strips, depending on the grade and thickness required. Like the rubber sheet, solid rubber strips can be manufactured for a variety of applications, with self adhesive solid rubber strips furthering this scope.

    Solid Rubber Gaskets

    Gilca are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of solid rubber gaskets. Rubber gaskets can be manufactured in any flat shape, including more complex designs featuring holes and slots.

    Solid Rubber Rolls

    The solid rubber rolls manufactured and supplied by Gilca can be customised to meet the wide-ranging requirements and specifications of our clients.

    Solid Rubber Matting

    Possessing great abrasive resistance, Gilca’s high-quality solid rubber matting can be used across various industries.

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