Synthetic Latex Foam

What Is Synthetic Latex Foam?

We are the only UK manufacturer currently producing Synthetic Latex Sponge, which is produced free from latex and natural proteins.

This type of foam sponge has a texture and tactile features which clients won’t be able to find in any comparable cellular materials. It is utilised in industries and applications ranging from cushioned packaging to cosmetic sponges, orthopaedic pads and acoustic applications.

The Latex Donuts we produce are rollers utilised in the washing and drying of fruit and vegetables in all parts of the globe, thanks to their ability to remove moisture and reduce the risk of bacterial growth, which has been found to work far more effectively than traditional brush rollers.

We use an environmentally friendly manufacturing process which is unique, at the same time as producing foams in a range of colours, densities and thicknesses.

We can supply synthetic latex foam in the following formats:

  • Synthetic Foam Sheets
  • Synthetic Foam Sponge
  • Synthetic Foam Shapes

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    Advantages Of Synthetic Latex Foam

    The key advantages of synthetic latex foam have led to it being the number one choice in cosmetic sponges of cosmetic houses such as Max Factor and Estée Lauder. These include:

    • Unique texture and tactility
    • Low compensation set
    • High effective density and resilience
    • Lumber support
    • Eco friendly features