Synthetic Latex Foam

What Is Synthetic Latex Foam?

Gilca are the only UK manufacturers of Synthetic Latex foam, a type of manmade foam free from latex and natural proteins.

Whilst latex is a naturally occurring resource found in rubber trees, synthetic latex is a byproduct of petrochemicals. It is then fabricated into a foam through the incorporation of air pockets, or cells, into the rubber, creating a truly unique product. Petrochemicals are regularly used in the production of commercial items, such as cosmetics and furniture, due to possessing many advantages over naturally occurring materials. For instance, synthetic latex does not contain any of the properties which may cause symptoms of a latex allergy, making it suitable for mattresses and cosmetic sponges.

The distinctive texture and tactile components of synthetic latex foam mean it is utilised in a variety of industries, from saddle making to Latex Doughnuts, globally used in the hygienic washing and drying of fruit and vegetables.

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Types Of Synthetic Latex Foam

Synthetic latex can be produced into both a foam and a sponge, and Gilca further provides our synthetic latex in the following formats.

  • Synthetic foam sheet
  • Bespoke synthetic foam shapes
  • Synthetic foam sponge

Our foams are all produced in a range of colours, densities, and thicknesses. Just let us know what you’re looking for.

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process means we can provide synthetic latex foam in a number of formats, allowing for the bespoke shaping of foam for various applications.
Fabricated through polymerisation, like a plastic, polyurethanes are chemically bonded within a few minutes, creating the synthetic latex; the latex is further developed through reactive techniques. This is then expanded into a foam or sponge by way of a blowing agent adding air to the substance.

The latex foam sheet will then be cut and cured before it is ready to be cut to desired thickness and shape.

Advantages Of Synthetic Latex Foam

Gilca’s synthetic latex foam is both hypoallergenic and made with a bactericide, resulting in a safe and compatible material for close contact applications; synthetic latex is a viable alternative to traditional bedding and lumbar support, latex makeup sponges, and brush rollers for commercially drying fruit and vegetables.

High Effective Density and Resilience

The natural rigidity of synthetic latex’s structure means it is durable, harder to wear and tear, and makes it a great material for acoustic insulation and physical impact mitigation, such as orthopaedic pads. Whilst being dense, synthetic latex foam remains lightweight due to the pockets of air within the foam.

It is moreover resilient through an enhanced resistance to chemical, temperature, or weather degradation.

Environmentally Friendly Features

Gilca employs an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, in conjunction with the ameliorated efforts of the rubber production industry, so as to alleviate the environmental impacts of rubber fabrication.

When compared to natural latex production, synthetic latex extinguishes the damage which may occur with the planting and harvesting of rubber trees, necessary for keeping up with the demand for natural rubber.

By investigating methods for reducing and recycling scrap, and exploring paths for new blowing agents and other materials used within the production process, Gilca intends to lead the way in a more environmentally friendly production of rubber.

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