Wet Cellulose

Wet Cellulose: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Natural cellulose is a readily available organic compound, found in plant cell walls to help them remain erect. Whilst cellulose has many uses, from clothing to paper and even being trialled as a renewable fuel source, it is commonly made into sponges. Cellulose is available in a compressed (dehydrated) form, or as wet cellulose – its naturally occurring, expanded form, typically at 25mm thick.

Just like our compressed cellulose, Gilca’s wet cellulose is made from organic materials – such as flax, wood pulp, and cotton, whilst the pores in the sponge are created using dissolved salt crystals.

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    Types of Wet Cellulose

    Gilca offers cellulose foam and sponges in a range of shapes, sizes, and colours – cut to your requirements. We, therefore, offer many formats of wet cellulose, including…

    • Wet cellulose sponge
    • Wet cellulose foam sheets
    • Wet cellulose pads
    • Wet cellulose foam shapes

    …which can be used across various industries, from automotive to advertisement.
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    Key Benefits of Using Natural Cellulose

    Natural cellulose sponges provide the perfect replacement to everyday, oil-based plastic sponges for a number of reasons. Here are some of the key advantages to using wet cellulose…

    Highly Water Absorbent

    Cellulose can hold up to 15 times its original weight in liquid, without a marked increase in size. The deep pores in cellulose are perfectly structured to suck in and hold water; it is a suitable material for domestic washing and cleaning, as well as cosmetic and hygiene products, but also for industrial and commercial sectors. For instance, Gilca provides a range of cellulose for the automotive sector.

    Environmentally Friendly and Naturally Degradable

    Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of natural cellulose sponges is the fact they are eco-friendly. Procured from, and created using, sustainable and organic sources, means that cellulose easily breaks down in both landfills, and natural waste – such as a compost heap.

    Highly Durable

    Cellulose is extremely durable, and can be used for a number of applications; one common use for cellulose is for car cleaning sponges, since the soft texture of the sponge will not leave scratches on your vehicle.

    Since sponges are often known for collecting bacteria, cellulose can withstand regular washing; this is necessary for reusing your sponge safely over a prolonged period of time, reducing the amount of replacement sponges you require - both an environmentally considerate, and cost-effective, solution.

    Resistant To the Majority of Chemicals and Liquids

    In the same vein, cellulose is resistant to the majority of chemicals and liquids, so can easily be disinfected and cleaned. Alternatively, it can be used to mop up the spillage of most chemicals and liquids, in place of single-use paper towels - just be sure to thoroughly clean your sponge afterwards.

    Compact and Cost Effective

    Cellulose sponges’ durability means you can save time and money on replacements.

    Moreover, Gilca supplies cellulose in a compact form, a great cost-effective option when packaging and transporting your product. Compressed cellulose is packaged dehydrated, minimised to approximately 10-15% of its original thickness, and can be easily stored.

    Find the technical specifications for our wet cellulose, including the composition data, technical data and size specifications by clicking here.

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