Synthetic Latex Foam

Synthetic Latex Foam (SLR)

Gilca is the only UK manufacturer of Synthetic Latex Sponge - all product is free of natural proteins (latex free).

The unique nature and construction of SLR sponge offers texture and tactile features not found in any other cellular materials.

Gilca supplies SLR sponge to a variety of industries, ranging from orthopaedic pads/aids to cosmetic sponges and accessories to high quality cushioning packaging and acoustic applications.

Gilca Latex Donuts (rollers) are used in washing/drying of fruit all around the world. They are excellent in removing moisture from the surface on all types of fruits and Vegetables which helps reduce the risk of bacterial growth. The use of our latex or Pu foam Donuts we have been advised works better than the using of brush rollers in the fruit cleaning machinery.

Gilca produces its latex using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process and is unique in this operation. As a primary manufacturer Gilca can offer a wide range of densities and thicknesses and a range of colours are available, subject to MOQ's.

Key Advantages

  • Unique tactlle and cosmetic (skin) performance
  • Low compensation set
  • High density and resilience
  • The No. 1 choice in cosmetic sponges of Cosmetic houses such as Max Factor, Estée Lauder
  • Lumber support
  • Degradeable, a 'green' product

For further information call one of our friendly technical advisers on 0121 543 4440 or fill in our simple enquiry form

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For more information on our Synthetic Latex Foam product Download our Technical Data Sheets:

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