3 Products That Can Help You Expand Your Cosmetic Range

Gilca | 7th July 2022

Cosmetic Range Products

Sponge has always had a place within the cosmetic industry, and its relevance as a cosmetic tool continues today. From synthetic latex makeup sponges, to tanning mitts and exfoliating sponges, there are plenty of ways to utilise the power of sponges to expand a cosmetic range.

Makeup Sponges

SBR Latex (actually latex free) makeup sponges have been developed to help with the application of makeup onto the skin.
Since this time, makeup sponges cut with edges and finer points have also risen in popularity (known as SBR latex makeup wedges), as a way of reaching the contours of the face.

Latex sponges are dampened, before being applied to the face to spread and smoothen liquid foundation, along with other liquid products. They can then be washed with soap and warm water, or with specialty cleansers, and left to air dry to ensure bacteria doesn’t build up.

One of the biggest benefits of makeup sponges is their ability to be used multiple times, since they can be safely washed and sanitised.

The SBR synthetic latex makeup sponge was developed as a latex free alternative to the makeup sponge. This hypoallergenic sponge can be safely used by those who suffer from latex allergies, expanding the reach of cosmetic brands to include all users.

AleXon Tanning Mitts

Our AleXon Tanning mitts are used to apply sunless tan (either as a mousse, cream, or lotion) to the body for an even, glowing tan; sunless tanner is the safest way of gaining a bronzed look, making this particular market an advantageous one.

Tanning mousse is applied to moisturised and exfoliated skin, before a tanning mitt is used to rub the mousse in circular motions into the skin. AleXon sponge mitts can then be washed and left to dry for a flawless tan come the next application.

AleXon sponge tanning mitts offer many benefits; they provide an even application, and allow for some absorption of product to ensure the colour isn’t too concentrated. Mitts also cover a larger surface area than gloves – a tanning mitt substitute – and can be applied on hard-to-reach areas such as the back.

AleXon sponge provides a great durable and reusable material for tanning mitts, and can be used on their own or for padding with cotton or microfibre linings.

Exfoliating Sponge

One final way to expand a cosmetic range is through exfoliation. Exfoliation is key to healthy, smooth, and bright skin – whether on the body or face. An exfoliating sponge offers an effective and economic alternative to serums and scrubs, as well as a great exfoliating gloves alternative.

Exfoliating sponges help to remove a build up of dead skin cells and oils from the skin, unblocking pores as they do so. They are used wet, with soap, on the skin during a shower or bath. The benefits of this are numerous; from helping to improve blood flow, to preventing ingrown hairs and removing old sunless tanner.

Exfoliating sponges can be made from both natural and synthetic sponge materials, with cellulose sponge presenting a great natural, yet affordable, material for exfoliation.

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