5 Reasons Cosmetics Manufacturers Choose to Partner with Gilca

Gilca | 24th November 2021

Cosmetics Manufacturers

Polyurethane foam has a variety of applications, spanning from consumer products to industrial uses. There are three types of polyurethane foam which make it so versatile: the soft and aerated open cell; the firmer, water-resistant closed cell; and the semi-closed cell – which is somewhere in between.

Polyurethane foam is commonly used for the fabrication of cosmetic sponges; here are five reasons why Gilca can provide cosmetics manufacturers with the best innovative and quality cosmetic foam.

Fully Tested Materials and Products

Despite polyurethane foam’s variety of uses, it can be harmful to humans under certain conditions – causing irritation or even allergic reactions. Furthermore, raw synthetic latex makeup sponges produce poisonous gases during production, which can remain in the final product. For this reason, cosmetic products are highly regulated within Great Britain, to ensure the safety of the person using the cosmetic product, and to avoid any undesirable effects.

Gilca’s foam makeup sponges (AleXon) are latex free and have been fully tested in order to adhere to regulations and ensure the safety of customers. Gilca’s innovative AleXon polyurethane foam, from which the cosmetic sponge is made from, is also produced without containing CFCs – protecting both the consumer and the environment, making it a perfect choice for cosmetics manufacturers.

Our Innovative AleXon Polyurethane Foam

A second reason why cosmetics manufacturers continue to choose to partner with Gilca is that Gilca is a leading manufacturer of cosmetic and medical foam is because of the uniquely formulated AleXon material. This foam has a range of properties which can be altered depending on the requirements of the final product. AleXon foam was originally designed with cosmetic sponges in mind, for which a durable, flexible, absorbent, and oil resistant product was needed.

AleXon cosmetic sponges are latex and CFC free, and their versatile structure means they are available in different densities and textures for a variety of applications. Whether soaking up excess foundation for a smooth makeup base, or packing on powder for a matte finish, the AleXon cosmetic sponge range are sold and enjoyed throughout the UK and worldwide.

Working With You to Create Foam and Cellulose Products That Meet Your Requirements

Gilca can supply cosmetics manufacturers with foam and cellulose products that are custom made to suit your needs. From an initial in-house design, to the manufacturing of the final product, Gilca offers a full service designed to meet your specifications every step of the way.

For cosmetic products, this can translate to choosing a specific density (AleXon is available in high and low density, assuring the same quality and benefits for either), or different makeup sponge shapes. Gilca can cut cosmetic foam into requested shapes, perfect for edgier triangle makeup sponges or rounded sponges.

Experience Working with Big Name Home Brands

Gilca have proudly worked alongside big name brands, meaning you’ll be in safe hands partnering with Gilca.

Procter and Gamble and Jess Wright Beauty are just some of the names Gilca have worked with, whilst Gilca’s own brands are on sale in many UK stores.

Ability To Plan for Cosmetics Manufacturers Requirements and Stock Needs

Gilca sources all proprietary chemicals and materials within the UK and EU, and manufactures foam products in-house. This presents Gilca with the ability to plan ahead when receiving large stock orders, or specific requirements, meaning your cosmetic or medical foam can be ready even under tight time limitations.

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