Facing a Unique Product Development Challenge? Gilca Can Help!

Gilca | 17th November 2021

Product Development

If you’re facing a unique challenge in the production or development process of your desired product, Gilca may be able to offer a solution.

Gilca works with both foam and rubber materials, which extend to cover a wide variety of products from automotive foam products to solid rubber, and even anti-microbial products. Gilca’s great flexibility and experience in delivering foam and rubber innovative solutions across a range of sectors could benefit you for a number of reasons…

We can plan for Specific Requirements and Stock Needs

Gilca offers a comprehensive service from in-house design consultations to the manufacturing and packaging of the final product. Because of this, it means Gilca can easily incorporate custom requests for both foam and rubber manufacturing and pre-emptively prepare for large stock orders for those facing a product development challenge.

Gilca offers a variety of foam materials, such as the popular cellulose and polyurethane, which can apply to a wide range of industries from medical foam products to cosmetics. Gilca have furthermore designed a unique and versatile foam material, AleXon, who’s adaptable properties suit all needs.

Utilise Our Global Contacts and Suppliers

When working alongside Gilca to overcome your unique product development challenge, you gain access to Gilca’s global contacts and suppliers, ensuring a refined process from start to finish.

Gilca’s experience with international contacts and suppliers moreover transcends to the quality of Gilca’s products, which align with ASTM Standards – an internationally recognised standard.

Taking Advantage of Our Over 80 Years of Experience

Gilca was established in 1987, and so you can draw on over 3 decades of experience when working with us, in addition to over 80 years of combined manufacturing and material knowledge.

During this time, there have been an accelerated number of progressions within the manufacturing industry; Gilca’s ability to keep pace with these changes, let alone adapt and excel in light of these changes, is one of the reasons we are a flourishing business today.

Gilca’s experience not only enables us to deliver a streamlined manufacturing process, but to create, and actualise, innovative solutions to extinguish any obstacles faced during your unique product development.

Gilca are certified for ISO-9001-2015, by the Certified Quality Systems, for Quality Management Systems for the manufacturing and conversion of synthetic foam. This means we not only have the experience as a driving force behind us, but continue to perform to a high standard and meet regulations in the present day. This is of great importance when working with products such as automotive, cosmetic and medical foam, which are heavily regulated in order to ensure the safety of customers.

Utilising Our Dedicated Team of Highly Skilled Engineers

The engineers at Gilca are highly skilled and readily available for numerous design, fabrication, and manufacturing processes. Included within this is Gilca’s ability to perform CAD design (Computer Aided Design); CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Conversion and Router; and the innovative, modern technique of water jet cutting. These appliances, being computer controlled, guarantee accuracy and efficiency during the production of your product, since it is further removed from any human error that may occur. Ensuring that you receive high-quality products for your product development challenge.

Don’t Wait; Enquire Today and Discover How Gilca Can Help Solve Your Unique Product Development Challenge

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